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Q: What advantage is there to making chains instead of just buying them already made?

A: With premade sizes, you must invest in 7,8,16,18,20,24,and 30 inch lengths to have a reasonable selection. With one spool of our chain, you can easily make unlimited custom made sizes. You can satisfy more customers and actually invest less in inventory. Imagine, if you offered only 36 styles of Images gold by the inch, you would have to carry at least 252 styles of premade chain, and still could not custom fit special size customers. And this doesn't even consider anklets, beeper chains, bikini chains, pet collars, earrings, hat bands, boot chains, and countless other chains you can make. Also, custom made products command higher prices for a greater profit on each sale.

Q: Is there a difference in quality between premade and chain by the inch.

A: Most premade jewelry comes from the far east and is plated in the country of manufacture. Gold coating technology is far superior in the USA with respect to durability, purity, and color. All our chain is coated exclusively by the only ISO certified plater in the United States. You cannot get better quality anywhere. Our premade collection is one of the few coated in the USA. Most of our competitors plate their premade jewelry overseas.


Q: How are your prices compared to your competitors?

A: You cannot buy our level of quality anywhere for less, but you can buy inferior quality for more. What we offer you is the best value on chain by the inch. We use only the finest base chain to produce our chain by the inch. The better the base chain, the better the finished product. As I've already mentioned, our gold application technology is superior to any other in the country.

Q: Is the chain hard to make?

A: You can learn how to make most of the chains in about 15 minutes. It's simple, and it's fun. After you've learned how to assemble the chains, you become faster with practice. After a few weeks, it's almost second nature.

Q: Do I need to sell other products with the chain by the inch
to be successful?

A: Our charms and premade bracelets are natural complements to our gold by the inch, but many of our vendors sell only Images gold by the inch. Of course, charms and rings can bring in more revenue, but these items demand more time and energy in terms of maintenance, theft prevention, and customer assistance. Images gold by the inch is one of the easiest, most lucrative stand alone businesses that a single person can operate. As your business grows, it makes sense to add premade bracelets and charms to your inventory.

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