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Black spools are being phased out. Eventually, all chain by the inch will be shipped on white spools. If you prefer black spools, please keep your emptied ones so that you can transfer chain from white spools. If you have any questions, please call me at
1-800-733-0700. Thanks, Paul

Reminder: The deadline for same day shipping is 2 PM eastern time. Orders received after 2 PM might not ship until the next business day.

- When you make a sale and issue a warranty to your customer, asking for and filling the email address field will improve customer service should their jewelry need repairs or replacement. Take a minute then and we can often save your customer several days or weeks when they require warranty service.

- One of our creative vendors discovered that she could use the links from our chain by the inch style 755 to make an inexpensive bail that allows larger chains to be sold with charms with smaller chain openings. To view an example, click here.

- In order for us to provide excellent customer service to your customers when they mail jewelry to us for repair or replacement, it's important that we have complete and accurate information regarding their purchase. Take the time to enter all the correct style numbers and lengths. Sometimes, jewelry is returned to us in pieces (and we don't always get all the pieces), and your accurate information helps us satisfy your customer more quickly and easily. Ask them to complete the phone number and email address so that we can contact them if we are having trouble with their return. We want to provide fast and efficient service for your customers. You can really help.

Using website checkout features to your advantage.

-  A vendor's cleaning tip...

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